Candy Vampire

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A Candy Vampire
A Redtail

The Candy Vampire is a Spooky Petpet introduced on October 21, 2002. It looks like a living piece of candy corn with vampire teeth.


Before the Candy Vampire became the Candy Vampire, it was known as a Spooky Petpet named Redtail. It was released on October 20, 2000. The Redtail was one of the less popular Petpets in Neopets' early years, which is why it was among the Petpets getting an "update" on October 21, 2002.

It's possible to still own a Redtail. Any Petpet who was attached to a Neopet at the time of the change will stay the same until it is removed. This means only a very few people still have a Redtail.


  • The Candy Vampire (including unchanged Redtails) was chosen for Week 163 of the Petpet Protection League on October 12, 2006. Since the oldest listed "Candy Vampire" was attached in 2001, and Candy Vampires didn't replace Redtails until 2002, all the Petpets listed by the PPL were actually unchanged Redtails.

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