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Battledome Equipment refers to a collection of items used for the Battledome. Most of them can be equipped to a Neopet and used in battle. Generally, the better a weapon is, the more expensive. There are rare cases however, like the Bone Sceptre and Scarab Ring, when good items become very cheap because of a large supply or other reasons.

Battledome Equipment types[edit]

There are many different types of Battledome Equipment throughout Neopets, each coming from their own world a store.

Battle Magic[edit]

Battle Magic is the regular kind of battledome equipment. It can range anything from rotten vegetable weapons to Cheat! battlecards. Battle Magic is sold at the Battle Magic shop in Neopia Central (Neopian Bazaar.)

Defence Magic[edit] be added...

Space Battle[edit] be added...

Space Defence[edit] be added...

Ice Crystal[edit]

Sold at Terror Mountain.

Tyrannian Weaponry[edit] be added...

Desert Weapon[edit]

Can be found at Lost Desert or play and win the prize of Qasalan Expellibox.

Meridell Potion[edit] be added...

Haunted Weaponry[edit]

Found in the Deserted Fairground, this shop is run by a caped Scorchio. These weapons generally have a theme of fear or darkness.

Brightvale Armour[edit] be added...

Brightvale Scroll[edit]

Brightvale scrolls are sold in the scrollery, they can either attack or defend depending on whether it is a defence scroll or not. Scrolls will usually cost something above 30k, however users may sell scrolls for only 2k so its recommended to check the Shop Wizard, auctions, and trading post in order to find the best deal.

Brightvale Potions[edit] be added...

Maractite Weaponry[edit] be added...

Qasalan Weaponry[edit] be added...

Faerie Weapon[edit] be added...

Altadorian Magic[edit] be added...

Altadorian Armour[edit] be added...

Wonderous Weaponry[edit]

Sold at Kentari's shop in Shenkuu (identified by a pair of crossed swords), these weapons are generally martial-arts-themed.

Battledome Equipment Terms[edit]

Different weapons are used certain ways in the battledome. There are different kinds of weapon types.

Multiple Use

Multiple use weapons are weapons that can be used over and over in a battle. These are the most common types of weapons and can be almost anything.


Fragile weapons can be used the same way as multiple use weapons, but with a risk. Fragile weapons have a chance of breaking each time they are used in the battledome, and after breaking, it can never be used again. This often makes the weapon cheaper than multiple use weapons with the same power, since it has a risk of breaking. Different fragile items have different chances to break.


Semi-fragile weapons are exactly like fragile weapons, except they break only for the remainder of the battle. After the battle is over, the semi-fragile weapon returns to the Neopets equipment page ready for another battle.

Once Per Battle

Once per battle weapons can only be used once per battle. They are often 100% freezing weapons, bomb weapons, or a healing weapon.

Single Use

Single use weapons can be used once in the battledome and then disappear forever. These are most often bombs or elixirs from the Healing Springs.


Surprisingly, not all items that heal are considered healing items. A battledome rule is that only one healing item may be equipped. Most really effective healing items are considered a healing item. Some equipment that is intended to be used mainly as a weapon also heals a bit. These weapons do not necessarily take up the "healing item" spot.

User terms[edit]

Besides official weapon types, there are terms that battledomers often use to describe weapons, pets, etc.


A bomb is a single use or once per battle item that does large amount of damage. For most Neopians, these are snowballs. There are other bomb weapons too, such as muffins, Battlecards, Clockwork Grundos, the Honey Potion, and the Ghostkerbomb. Bombs are generally used after freezing an opponent to guarantee maximum damage.


A freezer is an item that freezes an opponent. A freezing item is an important part of every serious battledomers set. Freezers guarantee a turn where the fight doesn't have to worry about defending and can focus on launching an all out, hopefully devastating attack. 100% freezers are highly prized and usually sell for millions of NP. There is a battledome rule where only one freezing item can be equipped to a pet.


A stealer is an item that will take the weapon in the opponent's first slot. For this reason, many 2-Player battlers place their least important weapon in their first slot, and 1-Player opponents usually have junk items in their first slot. Some items, such as Tornado Ring, may multi-steal, or steal multiple items in one battle, although these are typically very expensive. If the item stole from the first slot is once per battle/one use, and the opponent has already used it up, they will still get it back. The battledome rule indicates that only one stealer can be equipped per battle.

Dual Duty

A dual duty is an item that both attacks and defends. Dual duties are usually used in lower stat Battledome fights or by tanks. A few examples of dual duties would include: Scarab Ring, Portable Cloud, Dusty Magic Broom, Air Faerie Crown, and Mask of Coltzan.

Lab Rat

A lab rat is a pet with very high Hit Points, Movement, and Strength, and a very low Level and Defence. The Lab Ray typically raises Strength, Movement, and Hit Points and lowers Level and Defence, hence the name. These pets are usually given less respect than hand-trained pets because of the low cost and effort involved in making a lab rat.


Leagues are defined by the Neopian War Council League Calculator. Leagues range from League 1 to League 24. The term may be written as "L20" or "League 20" (for a League 20 pet). Leagues are usually the best way to evenly match up pets in 2-Player battles.

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