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Besides fighting against other Neopets, users can fight against villains, monsters and other assorted creatures with computer AI in the 1-Player Battledome. As of September 2006, there are 62 opponents that users can acquire and face.

Full list of opponents[edit]

Opponent Description Battledome Type Where Found Difficulty Reward
Flaming Meerca Flaming meerca.gif This flaming meerca has come to the Battledome to teach you what it means to fight with fire! Battledome Auto Opponent 40
Count Von Roo 2.gif This is not just any Count, it is Count Von Roo, and he is out to get some blood! Stone Dome Random Event 80
Harry the Mutant Moehog 3.gif Harry is a strangely deformed Moehog. He hangs around the Battledome looking for smaller Neopets to squash :) Tyrannian Arena Auto Opponent 35
Mummy 4.gif The mummy is tired of prowling around the Haunted Forest and wants to test his skills against your pets! Stone Dome Click HERE 42
Edna 5.gif Edna the Witch is going to use her magic spells to turn your pet into a toad (unless it is one already!) Stone Dome Complete one of her quests. She comes out between 12AM and 1 AM NST, the witching hour. (On Halloween, she is available to fight anytime.) 60
Balthazar 7.gif Balthazar roams Neopia in search of faeries. Beware of this mystical faerie hunter though, once he finds prey they rarely escape! Stone Dome RANDOM EVENT HERE or HERE. 320
The Esophagor 8.gif Rising out of his home in the ground, the Esophagor uses his mighty bulk to flatten his opponents. Stone Dome Complete one of his quests. 49
The Brain Tree Braintree bd.gif With its massive intellect, and rather sharp branches, the Brain Tree can defeat you merely by thinking about it. Be scared! Stone Dome Complete one of his Quests 91 medal6_13544.gif
Mutated Chia chia_mutant.gif Dr. Sloth turned this poor Chia into a creature of evil... ready to fight to protect its master. Space Arena RETIRED 40
Pant Devil 11.gif This snickering little gremlin has been stealing all your items for the past year or so...are you going to let it get away without a fight? Stone Dome Random Event around the site or at the Wheel of Excitement. 21 medal2_70098.gif
Space Faerie 12.gif The Space Faerie has been honing her skills ever since the defeat of Dr. Sloth, and she hopes to win and carry home the grand prize! Space Arena Redeem a Rare Item Code from Neopets Merchandise, such as Plushies, notebooks, and stickers. 450 spacefaerie.gif
Lava Ghoul 13.gif Erupting from the boiling lava seas off the coast of Mystery Island, the Lava Ghoul springs to attack! Beware his fiery breath! Island Arena Random Event 61
Evil Sloth Clone sloth_clone.gif The Evil Sloth Clone is one of Dr. Sloths many creations. This minion sometimes thinks he is Dr. Sloth! Stone Dome Visit Kreludor 85 medal11_92635.gif
Magnus the Torch 17.gif Living in the volcanic northern part of Tyrannia, Magnus has possibly the most powerful and fiery breath of all Scorchios. Watch out for that breath if you ever enter the Battledome with him. Tyrannian Arena Go to the Tyrannian Volcano 85
Shadow Usul ShadowUsul18.gif The Shadow Usul plans to use every tool at her disposal to defeat you. Yes, she can be very evil and cunning so watch out! Battledome Random Event, and she must steal something from you. 175
Robo Grarrl robograrrl.gif Robo Grarrl- This mechanical menace will make you regret all the times you kicked that vending machine or trod on your little sisters Robo Aisha!!! Space Arena Auto Opponent 150
Inflatable Balthazar Balth inflate.gif Inflatable Balthazar. Battledome Auto Opponent 1 482_1.gif
Zafara Rogue Zafararogue bd.gif A crafty swordmistress who will relieve your purse of a few Neopoints without you feeling a thing! Stone Dome Random Event in the Art Center. 39
Tiki Tack Man 23.gif Tired of selling tacky merchandise on Mystery Island, this tribal shopkeeper sometimes ventures to the Battle Dome to try his luck! Island Arena Visit the Tiki Tack. 63
Chiazilla 24.gif Up from the depths, twenty stories high...CHIAZILLA. 300 metric tons of fear, and hes not happy... Water Arena Random Event in the Maraquan Ruins 500
Spider Grundo Spidergrundo.gif A freak mutation created in Dr. Sloths Laboratory, the Spider Grundo hangs around in his cave, looking for tasty morsels to eat... Stone Dome Click HERE! 175
Koi Warrior KoiWarrior.gif This valiant Koi is one of the few remaining who still remember the glory that was Maraqua. He is willing to fight anybody in the hope of finding a valiant opponent worthy of his skill. Water Arena Random Event in the Maraquan Ruins 62
Highland Chia 27.gif After being fed on a special diet of porridge and haggis, this hardy Chia has grown to an enormous size and is ready to strike fear in the heart of any challenger! Tyrannian Arena Auto Opponent 58
Jelly Chia 28.gif The Jelly Chia likes to bounce around, but be careful, if he bounces in your direction he is liable to flatten you. Stone Dome Click HERE! 125
Chia Clown 31.gif This pint sized prankster was once a great entertainer, but ever since the theme parks closed he has been really lonely. Now he lurks around the battledome looking for new people to play tricks on. Battledome Auto Opponent 10
Quiggle Warlord QuiggleWarlord.gif This warrior is always on the hunt for a good fight. Even if it is not in a war! Tyrannian Arena Win a Battledome fight using a Quiggle. 69
Snow Faerie Snowfaerie.gif Living in her icy home on the top of Terror Mountain, the Snow Faerie rarely ventures out.. but rumour has it she has been working on some pretty exciting spells in the mean time! Ice Arena Complete one of her quests. 105
Kauvara Kauvara.gif This shy little Kau runs the Neopian Magic shop that she inherited from her family. She is very stubborn and will not give up easily! Battledome Click HERE! 70
Ryshu the Nimmo Ryshu bd.gif A student of the Mystery Island training school, this Nimmo is sleek, graceful, and a dedicated warrior. Beware! Island Arena Click HERE! 250
The Snowager Snowager.gif The Snowager is an ancient ice worm from the Neopian Ice Caves. It breathes frost, and is incredibly greedy, sleeping all day on its pile of treasure. Ice Arena Get blasted when trying to steal something from him. 650
Cave Chia Cavechia.gif This prehistoric Chia is annoyed as a sabre toothed usul just stole his lunch. He is going to beat you up with his big club! Tyrannian Arena Random Event here! 58 medal4_91646.gif
Grarrg Grarrg.gif The Tyrannian Battle Master, Grarrg is truly a fearsome opponent! Tyrannian Arena Tyrannia City Hall. May need to refresh. 100
Sabre-X Sabre.gif Sabre-X works in the war division of the Tyrannian Army. He uses his tusks to help him in combat Tyrannian Arena Tyrannian Random Event 79
Punchbag Bob punchbag.gif This is a dummy for testing purposes! Check and see how your battledome weapons and abilities work! Battledome Auto Opponent 0 115_1.gif
Punchbag Sid (alternate) punchbag_sid.gif (no data) Battledome Punchbag Sid appears for short periods of time in the Battledome, taking Punchbag Bob's spot. 100 punchbag.gif
Meuka 60.gif Meuka slithers out of your Neopets nose and challenges you to a battle in the BATTLEDOME!!!!!! Stone Dome Catch the Neoflu or Sneezles, then HERE 60 meukasnot.gif medal5_27475.gif
Tekkitu the Witch Doctor Tekkitu.gif This is one techo you may not want to take your pet to when it is sick!!! Be very afraid of this powerful Mystery Island Witch Doctor! Island Arena Take a tour on Mystery Island. 120 medal8_35277.gif
Kasuki Lu KasukiLu.gif Kasuki towered above other Chias when he was just two years old. Believing it was his destiny to be a Battledome champion, he spends all his time training. Battledome Clicking the Kasuki Lu NeoDeck trading card in a user's inventory. 38 kasukilu.gif medal4_91646.gif
Commander Garoo 63.gif This Blumaroos mean temper, foul attitude, and utter contempt for other Neopets is just one of the reasons he is a major opponent in the Battledome! Space Arena Random Event here. 120 medal7_48691.gif
Vira 65.gif What a horrible creature!!! Stone Dome Random Event 80
Ghost Lupe Ghostlupe bd.gif A once brave Lupe knight this ghost is restless, and desperately seeking revenge. He is easily angered so be very careful... Island Arena click here. May need to refresh. 32 ghostlupe.gif medal3_56139.gif
Tax Beast 83.gif The famous Tax Beast! Battledome Random Event, and must take 10% of your NP. 86
Sidney 85.gif Sidney spies a victim! Stone Dome Win a Level 4 (sometimes Level 3) [[Scratchcard prize from Sidney. 84
Advisor Broo BattleDome86.gif We all know who holds the true reins of power in Roo Island, and it isn't that simple-minded dice-throwing King. Island Arena Random Event in Dice-A-Roo 130
Plumbeard 87.gif ARRRRRRRRR! Island Arena Click here. 260
Black Pteri Bpteri.gif He sits and watches the world, and knows that THEY are coming soon... Stone Dome Random Event 89 blackPteri.gif
Meerca Henchmen 88.gif Malkus Vile's henchmen... beware of this duo! Island Arena Click HERE and refresh! 150 meerouladen.gif heermeedjet.gif medal9_20697.gif
Giant Ghostkerchief 89.gif BOO!! Stone Dome Click here. 250 medal10_56582.gif
Boochi 90.gif AHHHH!!! Not Boochi! Battledome Random Event 15
Snow Beast 91.gif NO!!!!! Not the SNOW BEAST! Ice Arena Winter Random Event, more likely found at the Advent Calender. 300


Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby 92.gif He's hungry. Very hungry. Does he eat Neopets? We aren't sure. Just don't get too close! Tyrannian Arena Random Event at Giant Omellete 350 medal13_63265.gif
Turmaculus 93.gif Hide your Petpet!!!!! Battledome Turmaculus must eat your petpet when you try to wake him up. 250
Mootix Warrior MootixBattle.gif ((no description available)) Battledome Auto Opponent 375 medal14_99950.gif
Down for Maintenance Pteri Pteridown.gif MUHAHAHAHA Battledome Random Event 75
Lab Ray Scientist 104.gif Did you try the Lab Ray?!?!? Battledome Must have found the Lab Ray. Refresh on this page. 185
Kastraliss Kastralis105.gif Appearing to be just a harmless ornament at first, this is one deadly challenger. Tyrannian Arena Random Event here. 400 medal15_35498.gif
Slug Monster SlugMonster.gif UGH! What a slimy mess! Water Arena RANDOM EVENT HERE. You must have Slug Flakes in your inventory. 500 medal16_21544.gif
The Drenched 152.gif Drenched? No they are soaked! Water Arena RANDOM EVENT HERE. Only appears on days with stormy weather. 600 medal17_57180.gif
Qasalan Mummy 153.gif *GROAN* Stone Dome RANDOM EVENT HERE 550 medal18_92908.gif
Greedy Kadoatie 157.gif This is one Kadoatie that doesn't like to give up Neopoints. Stone Dome RANDOM EVENT. Must have 5,000 NP with you. 125
Mr. Chuckles Chuck158.gif Mr. Chuckles used to work as an entertainer before the Theme Parks left town, now he sits practicing his tricks, waiting for his audience to return. Battledome RANDOM EVENT HERE 10 medal2_70098.gif
Eyrieki Eyrieki159.gif If YOU were woken up after thousands of years of rest...you'd be cranky too! Battledome Enter a room HERE 25 medal3_56139.gif
Lady Frostbite Croppedladyfrostbite jw83jo.gif This icy lady wont put up with any of your lip. Ice Arena Visit Storytelling Competition issue #98 40


Cybunny Scout Scout je8r1.gif The Cybunny Scout may not be evil, but she isn't someone you want attacking you... Tyrannian Arena View her TCG Card. 40 medal6_13544.gif


  • Six faeries (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Dark, Light) were available for the old Faerie League. They are now retired and so is the Faerie League.
  • Some challengers were intended to be plot-only challengers, but later turned out as a regular BD challenger such as the Evil Sloth Clone. However, it may be the other way around.

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