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Besides fighting against other Neopets, users can fight against villains, monsters and other assorted creatures with computer AI in the 1-Player Battledome. As of September 2006, there are 62 opponents that users can acquire and face.

Normal Challengers[edit]

Challenger Arena and Description Notes
Portrait 86.png
Advisor Broo
Pango Palladium

  • We all know who holds the true reins of power in Roo Island, and it isn't that simple-minded dice-throwing King.
Portrait 7.png
Rattling Cauldron

  • Balthazar roams Neopia in search of faeries. Beware of this mystical faerie hunter though, once he finds prey they rarely escape!
Portrait 90.png
Central Arena

  • AHHHH!!! Not Boochi!
Portrait 37.png
Cave Chia
Ugga Dome

  • This prehistoric Chia is annoyed as a sabre toothed usul just stole his lunch. He is going to beat you up with his big club!
Portrait 31.png
Chia Clown
Central Arena

  • This pint sized prankster was once a great entertainer, but ever since the theme parks closed he has been really lonely. Now he lurks around the battledome looking for new people to play tricks on.
  • Default challenger.
Portrait 24.png
Dome of the Deep

  • Up from the depths, twenty stories high... CHIAZILLA. 300 metric tons of fear, and hes not happy...
Portrait 63.png
Commander Garoo
Neocola Centre

  • This Blumaroos mean temper, foul attitude, and utter contempt for other Neopets is just one of the reasons he is a major opponent in the Battledome!
Portrait 2.png
Count Von Roo
Rattling Cauldron

  • This is not just any Count, it is Count Von Roo, and he is out to get some blood!
Portrait 185.png
Cybunny Scout
Ugga Dome

  • The Cybunny Scout may not be evil, but she isn't someone you want attacking you...
Portrait 208.png
Frost Arena

  • No description.
  • Default challenger.
Portrait 103.png
Down For Maintenance Pteri
Central Arena


Battleground of the Obelisk Challengers[edit]

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Retired Challengers[edit]

...to be added...


  • Six faeries (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Dark, Light) were available for the old Faerie League. They are now retired and so is the Faerie League.
  • Some challengers were intended to be plot-only challengers, but later turned out as a regular BD challenger such as the Evil Sloth Clone. However, it may be the other way around.

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