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Paint Brush Voting 2018!

Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:21 am

Well colour me surprised, a new poll for all new Paint Brushes is up! Submit your vote and tell us which paint brush you want to see happen! The poll will be up till the 26th so cast your vote and soon be painted in colours you only thought existed in your dreams!

New Paintbrush Poll
The poll will be up till the 26th so cast your vote and soon be painted in colours you only thought existed in your dreams!
New Year’s Day may be old now, but we’re not done celebrating! We’re taking a cue from the shopkeepers around Neopia to bring you a new look for the new year – yes, that’s right – NEW PAINTBRUSHES! A couple of obliging Neopets have agreed to model the four options so that you can decide for yourselves which one you like the most.
Burlap Doll - Even burlap and straw look adorable when they’re fashioned into a Neopet.
Steampunk - Inspired by the steam-powered machines in Moltara, this one is all about metal, gears and leather.
Origami - We’ve commissioned a skilled origami artist to recreate your Neopets with folder paper.
Toy - Do you think your Neopets could possibly get any cuter? Wait until you see them as adorable plastic toys!

Re: Paint Brush Voting 2018!

Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:27 am

I haven't decided yet, as they all have a good look. I don't think I will vote for steampunk, but between the other 3 I just can't choose.

The Toy is cute. The Lenny is nice. I hope other species will look as cute.

The Burlap is just weird and so different to anything else. The Lenny looks fantastical, but not too sure how other species will go.

The Origami is nice on the Gelert, but I also wonder how other species will go with this look.

The Steampunk is more like Borg. Good for anyone into Star Trek. I would find this hard to customise and wouldn't use the clothing.

Re: Paint Brush Voting 2018!

Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:04 pm

Oh, good point that Steampunk should have clothing to go along with it. That's automatically going to get my vote, then.

Re: Paint Brush Voting 2018!

Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:33 pm

I like them all. Burlap caught my eye immediately... cute in the ugly sense. I do like it. Steampunk is good, too. Toy is very yellow. My 4th grade love of Origami pulled me into voting for that one :)

Re: Paint Brush Voting 2018!

Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:46 pm

Well, I also voted for Origami, despite the potential difficulty in customizing. I think it's truly unique. I think they could do some other good things with Toy, though.
Anyways, results are up:
After running neck and neck in our ballot box votes counting session (with a lot of help from our Grundo friends, of course) here are the results for the new paintbrushes that you've all been waiting for. And the winner is...*drumroll*


Making its mark as the 1st Runner-up we have: Toy!
Coming in as a 2nd Runner-up is: Origami!
And finally, finishing last but not the least is: Burlap Doll!

Thank you all for participating in the poll!

For those not particularly thrilled with this result, it looks like there may be more than one showing up.
Editorial wrote:Hi there! *Wafts freshly-baked white-chocolate-chip cookies around* First of all, the new paint brush colours are AMAZING! All of them! And... that's kind of the problem. They're all so good, and so many of us would hate for any of them to be scrapped. Is there any way whatsoever we might be able to have all four colours? Please? They're SO good!! Thank you ^_^
WELL, I'm not sure we can hand out all 4 butttt I think there's a good chance you will see more than one in the future
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